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Part 1E+WPremises licences

[F1Review of interim stepsE+W

Textual Amendments

F1Sch. 5 paras. 8C, 8D and cross-headings inserted (temp.) (22.7.2020) by virtue of Business and Planning Act 2020 (c. 16), ss. 11(7), 25(1) (with s. 11(13))

8D(1)This paragraph applies where a review of interim steps is decided under section 172J (review of interim steps at an off-sales review of a premises licence).E+W

(2)An appeal may be made against that decision by—

(a)the holder of the premises licence,

(b)the applicant under section 172G, or

(c)any other person who made relevant representations in relation to the application for the review.

(3)An appeal under this paragraph must be heard by the magistrates’ court within the period of 28 days beginning with the day on which the appellant commenced the appeal (see paragraph 9(2)).

(4)In sub-paragraph (2) “relevant representations” has the meaning given in section 172J(8).]