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SCHEDULE 2E+W The Children’s Commissioner for Wales


9(1)The accounts prepared by the Commissioner for any financial year shall be submitted by him to the Auditor General for Wales not more than five months after the end of that year.E+W

(2)The Auditor General for Wales shall—

(a)examine and certify any accounts submitted to him under this paragraph; and

(b)no later than four months after the accounts are submitted to him, lay before the Assembly a copy of them as certified by him together with his report on them.

(3)In examining any accounts submitted to him under this paragraph, the Auditor General for Wales shall, in particular, satisfy himself that the expenditure to which the accounts relate has been incurred lawfully and in accordance with the authority which governs it.

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 2 para. 9 in force for W. at 13.11.2000 by S.I. 2000/2992, art. 2(1), Sch. 1