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SCHEDULE 3E+W+S Other amendments of Part I of 1986 Act

Functions with respect to gas measuring equipment etc.E+W+S

44After section 36A of the 1986 Act there shall be inserted the following section—

36B Functions with respect to gas measuring equipment etc.

(1)If and to the extent that the Secretary of State so directs, the functions of the Secretary of State under section 6 of the M1Weights and Measures Act 1985 (testing of standards and equipment) so far as relating to—

(a)any article used or proposed to be used as a standard of a unit of measurement in relation to gas;

(b)any measuring equipment, or other metrological equipment, for use in relation to gas; or

(c)any article for use in connection with any such equipment,

shall be exercisable by the Director concurrently with the Secretary of State; and references in that section to the Secretary of State shall be construed accordingly.

(2)Any sums received by the Director by virtue of this section shall be paid into the Consolidated Fund.

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