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[F1SCHEDULE 2AAE+WWaste reduction schemes

Textual Amendments

F1Sch. 2AA inserted (E.W.) by Climate Change Act 2008 (c. 27), ss. 71, 100, Sch. 5 para. 2 (the amendment coming into force in accordance with ss. 72-75 of the amending Act, see s. 100(2)(5))

Procedure for putting scheme in placeE+W

7(1)The authority must comply with the following requirements after making a waste reduction scheme and before it is brought into operation.E+W

(2)The authority must publish the scheme in such manner as it considers appropriate.

(3)The authority must send to the occupier of any premises to which the scheme applies a notice setting out—

(a)the requirements applicable under the scheme in relation to the collection of domestic waste from premises to which the scheme applies;

(b)any rebates or other payments available under the scheme and the manner in which they are to be made; and

(c)any charges provided for by the scheme and the manner in which they are to be collected.]