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Textual Amendments

PART 1U.K.Copyright exceptions

section 29 (research and private study)

[F2section 29A (copies for text and data analysis for non-commercial research)]

section 31A [F3(disabled persons: copies of works for personal use)”]

section 31B [F4(making and supply of accessible copies by authorised bodies)]

[F5section 31BA (making and supply of intermediate copies by authorised bodies)]

[F6section 32 (illustration for instruction)]

section 35 (recording by educational establishments of broadcasts)

[F7section 36 (copying and use of extracts of works by educational establishments)]

F8 ...

F8 ...

F8 ...

[F2section 41 (copying by librarians: supply of single copies to other libraries)]

F8 ...

[F2 section 42 (copying by librarians etc : replacement copies of works) ]

[F2section 42A (copying by librarians: single copies of published works)]

F8 ...

[F2section 43 (copying by librarians or archivists: single copies of unpublished works)]

section 44 (copy of work required to be made as condition of export)

section 45 (Parliamentary and judicial proceedings)

section 46 (Royal Commissions and statutory inquiries)

section 47 (material open to public inspection or on official register)

section 48 (material communicated to the Crown in the course of public business)

section 49 (public records)

section 50 (acts done under statutory authority)

section 61 (recordings of folksongs)

section 68 (incidental recording for purposes of broadcast)

section 69 (recording for purposes of supervision and control of broadcasts)

section 70 (recording for purposes o

f time-shifting)

section 71 (photographs of broadcasts)

F9 ...

[F10section 75 (recording of broadcast for archival purposes)]]