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SCHEDULE 3U.K. Registered designs: minor and consequential amendments of 1949 Act

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Sch. 3 extended (with modifications) (Isle of Man) (9.12.2001) by S.I. 2001/3678, art. 3, Sch. 3

C2Sch. 3 extended (Isle of Man) (with modifications) (11.11.2013) by The Registered Designs (Isle of Man) Order 2013 (S.I. 2013/2533), arts. 1, 3(2), Sch. 2

Section 46: application to Northern IrelandU.K.

33(1)Section 46 of the Registered Designs Act 1949 (application to Northern Ireland) is amended as follows.U.K.

(2)Omit paragraphs (1) and (2).

(3)For paragraph (3) substitute—

(3)References to enactments include enactments comprised in Northern Ireland legislation:.

(4)After paragraph (3) insert—

(3A)References to the Crown include the Crown in right of Her Majesty’s Government in Northern Ireland:.

(5)In paragraph (4) for “a department of the Government of Northern Ireland” substitute “ a Northern Ireland department ”, and at the end add “ and in relation to a Northern Ireland department references to the Treasury shall be construed as references to the Department of Finance and Personnel ”.