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SCHEDULE 3U.K. Registered designs: minor and consequential amendments of 1949 Act

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Sch. 3 extended (with modifications) (Isle of Man) (9.12.2001) by S.I. 2001/3678, art. 3, Sch. 3

C2Sch. 3 extended (Isle of Man) (with modifications) (11.11.2013) by The Registered Designs (Isle of Man) Order 2013 (S.I. 2013/2533), arts. 1, 3(2), Sch. 2

Section 37: provisions as to rules and OrdersU.K.

27(1)Section 37 of the M1Registered Designs Act 1949 (provisions as to rules and orders) is amended as follows.U.K.

(2)Omit subsection (1) (duty to advertise making of rules).

(3)In subsections (2), (3) and (4) for “the Board of Trade” substitute “ the Secretary of State ”.

Marginal Citations