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Part IIIU.K. Design Right

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Pt. III (ss. 213–264) modified by S.I. 1989/1100, art. 3

Chapter IIIU.K. Exceptions to Rights of Design Right Owners


Textual Amendments

F1Ss. 244A, 244B and cross-heading inserted (1.10.2014) by Intellectual Property Act 2014 (c. 18), ss. 4, 24(1); S.I. 2014/2330, art. 3, Sch.

244AException for private acts, experiments and teachingU.K.

Design right is not infringed by—

(a)an act which is done privately and for purposes which are not commercial;

(b)an act which is done for experimental purposes; or

(c)an act of reproduction for teaching purposes or for the purpose of making citations provided that—

(i)the act of reproduction is compatible with fair trade practice and does not unduly prejudice the normal exploitation of the design, and

(ii)mention is made of the source.

244BException for overseas ships and aircraftU.K.

Design right is not infringed by—

(a)the use of equipment on ships or aircraft which are registered in another country but which are temporarily in the United Kingdom;

(b)the importation into the United Kingdom of spare parts or accessories for the purpose of repairing such ships or aircraft; or

(c)the carrying out of repairs on such ships or aircraft.]