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Section 15

X1 SCHEDULE 10U.K. Amendment of the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1976

Editorial Information

X1The text of Sch. 7 paras. 3-12 and Sch. 10 is in the form in which it was originally enacted: it was not reproduced in Statutes in Force and does not reflect any amendments or repeals which may have been made prior to 1.2.1991.

Part IU.K. The Amendments


1(1)After subsection (3) of section 1 of the 1976 Act (restriction on importation and exportation of certain animals and plants) there shall be inserted the following subsections—U.K.

(3A)Subsection (3) above shall not apply in relation to an application of any description if the scientific authority concerned has advised the Secretary of State as to whether licences should be issued in pursuance of applications of that description and, if so, their terms.

(3B)Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that the issue of a licence authorising the importation or exportation of any item which—

(a)is part of or derives from or is made wholly or partly from an animal of any of the kinds to which Schedule 1 or a plant of any of the kinds to which Schedule 2 to this Act for the time being applies ; but

(b)is not an item to which Schedule 3 to this Act for the time being applies.

would facilitate the importation or exportation of that item, he may, if he considers it expedient to do so, issue such a licence.

(2)In subsections (4), (5), (6) and (7) of that section after the words “subsection (2)” there shall be inserted the words “or (3B)”.

(3)In subsection (4) of that section after paragraph (a) there shall be inserted the following paragraphs—

(aa)may be issued either to all persons, to persons of a class or to a particular person ;

(ab)may be subject to compliance with any specified conditions,; and in paragraph (c) of that subsection for the words from “a period” to “shorter” there shall be substituted the word “such”.

Expenses of returning animals and plants to the wildU.K.

2U.K.After subsection (8) of section 1 of the 1976 Act there shall be inserted the following subsection—

(9)Where, in the case of a live animal or a plant of any kind which is condemned or deemed to be condemned as forfeited, the Commissioners of Customs and Excise incur any expenses in connection with, or with a view to—

(a)its return to the wild ; or

(b)its being kept at premises (whether within or outside the United Kingdom) which are suitable for the keeping of animals or plants of that kind,

those expenses may be recovered, as a debt due to the Crown, from the importer or intending exporter of the animal or plant or any person possessing or having control of it at the time of its seizure.

In this subsection expressions which are also used in the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 have the same meanings as in that Act.

Powers of entryU.K.

3U.K.After the subsection inserted by paragraph 2 as subsection (9) of section 1 of the 1976 Act there shall be inserted the following subsections—

(10)Any person duly authorised in writing by the Secretary of State may, at any reasonable time and (if required to do so) upon producing evidence that he is so authorised, enter any premises where animals of any of the kinds to which Schedule 1 or plants of any of the kinds to which Schedlule 2 to this Act for the time being applies are kept (whether temporarily or permanently) in order to ascertain whether any of the animals or plants kept there have been imported contrary to this section.

(11)Any person who wilfully obstructs a person acting under subsection (10) above shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £200.

Power to modify SchedulesU.K.

4(1)In paragraph (c) of section 3 of the 1976 Act (power to modify Schedules) after the word “conservation” there shall be inserted the words “in any area” and after the word “endangered” there shall be inserted the word “there”.U.K.

(2)After paragraph (d) of that section there shall be inserted the following paragraph—

(dd)to restrict the importation of animals or plants of any kind which appear to the Secretary of State to be unlikely to survive for any appreciable time if they are kept in the United Kingdom ;.

Sale of certain animals or plants or their derivativesU.K.

5(1) In subsection (1) of section 4 of the 1976 Act (offences to sell etc. things imported contrary to section 1 or their derivatives) for the words “Subject to subsection (2)” there shall be substituted the words “Subject to subsections (1B) and (2)”, after the words “has in his possession” there shall be inserted the words “or transports” and the words “and in the following provisions” onwards shall be omitted. U.K.

(2)After that subsection there shall be inserted the following subsections—

(1A)Subject to subsections (1B) and (2) below, a person who sells, offers or exposes for sale, or has in his possession or transports for the purpose of sale—

(a)a live or dead animal of any of the kinds to which Schedule 4 to this Act for the time being applies or an egg or other immature stage of such an animal ;

(b)a live or dead plant of any of the kinds to which Schedule 5 to this Act for the time being applies ; or

(c)any part of or anything which derives from or is made wholly or partly from anything referred to in paragraph (a) or (b) above,

shall be guilty of an offence ; but nothing in this subsection shall apply in relation to anything falling within subsection (1) above or anything which has been imported, or is a part of or derives from or is made wholly or partly from anything which has been imported, before the passing of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

(1B)Subsections (1) and (1A) above do not apply to anything done under and in accordance with the terms of a licence issued by the Secretary of State ; and subsections (4) to (7) of section 1 above shall apply in relation to a licence issued under this subsection as they apply in relation to a licence issued under subsection (2) of that section.

(1C) In the following provisions of this section “ restricted article ” means anything falling within subsection (1) or (1A) above.

(3)In subsection (2) of that section after the words “subsection (1)” there shall be inserted the words “or (1A)”.

(4)In subsection (5) of that section after the words “subsection (1)” there shall be inserted the words “, (1A)”.

(5)In subsection (6) of that section after the words “references to” there shall be inserted the word “hire”.

(6)After Schedule 3 to the 1976 Act there shall be inserted as Schedule 4 the Schedule set out in Part II of this Schedule.

(7)After the Schedule inserted in the 1976 Act by sub-paragraph (6) there shall be inserted as Schedule 5 the Schedule set out in Part III of this Schedule.

Part IIU.K. Schedule inserted as Schedule 4

SCHEDULE 4U.K. Animals the Sale etc. of Which is Restricted

This Schedule applies to the following kinds of animals, namely—


1U.K.The kinds of mammal specified in the first column below—

KindCommon name
BettongiaRat kangaroo
Caloprymnus campestrisDesert rat-kangaroo
Lagorchestes hirsutusWestern hare-wallaby
Lagostrophus fasciatusBanded hare-wallaby
Onychogalea fraenataBridle nail-tailed wallaby
Onychogalea lunataCrescent nail-tailed wallaby
Lasiorhinus krefftiiQueensland hairy-nosed wombat
Chaeropus ecaudatusPig-footed bandicoot
Macrotis lagotisRabbit-bandicoot
Macrotis leucaraLesser rabbit-bandicoot
Perameles bougainvilleWestern barred bandicoot
Sminthopsis longicaudataLong-tailed dunnart
Sminthopsis psammophilaSandhill dunnart
Thylacinus cynocephalusTasmanian wolf
AllocebusHairy-eared dwarf lemur
CheirogaleusDwarf lemurs
HapalemurGentle lemurs
LepilemurSportive and weasel lemurs
MicrocebusMouse lemurs
PhanerFork-marked mouse lemurs
AvahiAvahis (otherwise known as Woolly indris)
Daubentonia madagascariensisAye-aye
Callimico goeldiiGoeldi’s marmoset (otherwise known as Goeldi’s tamarin)
Callithrix auritaWhite eared marmoset
Callithrix flavicepsBuff-headed marmoset
LeontopithecusManed tamarin (otherwise known as Golden tamarin)
Saguinus bicolorPied tamarin
Saguinus geoffroyiGeoffroy’s tamarin
Saguinus leucopusWhite-footed tamarin
Saguinus oedipusCotton-headed tamarin
Alouatta palliata (otherwise known as Alouatta villosa)Mantled howler
Ateles geoffroyi frontatusBlack-browed spider monkey
Ateles geoffroyi panamensisRed spider monkey
Brachyteles arachnoidesWoolly spider monkey
Chiropotes albinasusWhite-nosed saki
Saimiri oerstediiRed-backed squirrel monkey
Cercocebus galeritus galeritusTana River mangabey
Cercopithecus dianaDiana monkey
Colobus badius kirkiiKirk’s red colobus (otherwise known as Zanzibar red colobus)
Colobus badius rufomitratusTana River red colobus
Macaca silenusLion-tailed macaque
Nasalis larvatusProboscis monkey
Papio leucophaeus (otherwise known as Mandrillus leucophaeus)Drill
Papio sphinx (otherwise known as Mandrillus sphinx)Mandrill
Presbytis entellusLangur (otherwise known as Entellus langur or True langur)
Presbytis geeiGolden langur
Presbytis pileatusCaped langur
Presbytis potenzianiMentawi leaf monkey
Pygathrix nemaeusDouc langur
Rhinopithecus roxellanaeSnub-nosed langur
Simias concolorMentawi snub-nosed langur
Symphalangus syndactylusSiamang
PongidaeGreat apes
Pridontes giganteus (otherwise known as Priodontes maximus)Giant armadillo
Manis temminckiSouth African pangolin
Rabbits and haresU.K.
Caprolagus hispidusAssam rabbit (otherwise known as Hispid hare)
Romerolagus diaziVolcano rabbit
Cynomys mexicanusMexican prairie marmot
Leporillus conditorAustralian sticknest rat
Pseudomys fumeusSmoky mouse
Pseudomys praeconisShark Bay mouse
Xeromys myoidesFalse water rat
Zyzomys pendunculatusCentral thick-tailed rat
Chinchilla (except any domestic form of Chinchilla laniger)Chinchilla
Lipotes vexilliferChinese river dolphin
Physter catodon (otherwise known as Physeter macrocephalus)Sperm whale
Platanista gangeticaGanges dolphin
Platanista minorIndus river dolpin
SotaliaHumpbacked dolphins
SousaHumpacked dolphins
Neophocaena phocaenoidesFinless porpoise
Phocoena sinusCochito
Balaena mysticetusGreenland right whale (otherwise known as Bowhead whale)
Balaenoptera borealisSei whale
Balaenoptera musculusBlue whale
Balaenoptera physalusCommon rorqual
EschrichtiusGrey whales
EubalaenaRight whales
Megaptera novaeangliaeHumpback whale
Spethos venaticusBush dog
Vulpes velox hebesNorthern kit fox
Helarctos malayanusSun bear
Selenarctos thibetanusAsiatic black bear
Tremarctos ornatusSpectacled bear
Ursus arctos isabellinusBrown bear
Ursus arctos nelsoniMexican brown bear
Ursus arctos pruinosusTibetan brown bear
Aonyx microdonCameroon clawless otter
Enhydra lutris nereisSouthern sea otter
Lutra felinaMarine otter
Lutra longicaudisSouth American otter
Lutra lutraEurasian otter
Lutra provocaxSouthern river otter
Mustela nigripesBlack-footed ferret
Pteronura brasiliensisGiant otter
Prionodon pardicolorSpotted linsang
Hyaena brunneaBrown hyaena
Acinonyx jubatusCheetah
Felis bengalensis bengalensisLeopard cat
Felis concolor coryiFlorida puma
Felis concolor costaricensisCosta Rica puma
Felis concolor cougarEastern puma
Felis jacobitaAndean cat
Felis rufa escuinapaeMexican bobcat
Felis marmorataMarbled cat
Felis nigripesBlack-footed cat
Felis pardalis mearnsiCosta Rica ocelot
Felis pardalis mitisBrazilian ocelot
Felis planicepsFlat-headed cat
Felis rubiginosaRusty spotted cat
Felis temminckiAsiatic golden cat
Felis tigrina oncillaLittle spotted cat
Felis wiedii nicaraguaeNicaraguan margay
Felis wiedii salviniaGuatemalan margay
Felis yagouaroundi cacomitliJaguarundi
Felis yagouaroundi fossataJaguarundi
Felis yagouaroundi panamensisJaguarundi
Felis yagouaroundi toltecaJaguarundi
Neofelis nebulosaClouded leopard
Panthera leo persicaAsiatic lion
Panthera oncaJaguar
Panthera pardusLeopard
Panthera tigrisTiger
Panthera unciaSnow leopard
Arcocephalus townsendiGuadelupe fur seal
MonachusMonk seals
Elephas maximusAsian elephant
Dugong dugonDugong (otherwise known as Sea-cow)
Trichechus inunguisAmazonian manatee
Trichechus manatusWest Indian manatee
Odd-toed ungulatesU.K.
Equus grevyiGrevy’s zebra
Equus hemionus hemionusMongolian wild ass
Equus hemionus khurIndian wild ass
Equus przewalskiiPrzewalski’s horse
Equus zebra zebraCape mountain zebra
Tapirus bairdiiCentral American tapir
Tapirus indicusMalayan tapir (otherwise known as Indian tapir)
Tapirus pinchaqueMountain tapir (otherwise known as Woolly tapir)
Even-toed ungulatesU.K.
Babyrousa babyrussaBabirusa
Sus salvaniusPygmy hog
Vicugna vicugnaCalamian deer
Axis kuhliBawean deer
Axis porcinus annamiticusThai hog deer
Blastocerus dichotomusMarsh deer
Cervus duvauceliSwamp deer
Cervus elaphus hangluKashmir stag (otherwise known as Hanglu)
Cervus eldiBrow-antlered deer
Dama mesopotamicaPersian fallow deer
Hippocamelus antisiensisPeruvian huemal
Hippocamelus bisulcusChilean huemal
Moschus moschiferus moschiferusHimalayan musk deer
Ozotoceros bezoarticusPampas deer
Pudu puduChilean pudu
Antilocapra americana peninsularisLower California pronghorn
Antilocapra americana sonoriensisSonoran pronghorn
Bison bison athabascaeWood bison
Bos gaurusGaur
Bos mutusWild yak
Bubulas depressicornisLowland anoa
Bubalus mindorensisTamaraw
Bubalus quarlesiMountain anoa
Capra falconeri chiltanensisMarkhor
Capra falconeri jerdoniMarkhor
Capra falconeri megacerosMarkhor
Capricornis sumatraensisSerow
Hippotragus niger varianiGiant sable antelope
Nemorhaedua goralGoral
Novibos sauveliKoupray
Oryx leucoryxArabian oryx
Ovis ammon hodgsoniGreat Tibetan sheep
Ovis orientalis ophionCyprian mouflon
Ovis vigneiUrial
Pantholops hodgsoniTibetan antelope
Rupicapra rupicapra ornataAbrussi chamois


2U.K.The kinds of bird specified in the first column below—

Pterocnemia pennataLesser rhea
Tinamus solitariusSolitary tinamou
Spheniscus humboldtiHumboldt penguin
Podilymbus gigasAtitlan grebe
Diomedea albatrusShort-tailed albatross
Pelican-like birdsU.K.
Sula abbottiAbbot’s booby
Fregata andrewsiChristmas Island frigatebird
Ciconia ciconia boycianaJapanese white stork
Geronticus eremitaBald ibis
Nipponia nipponJapanese crested ibis
Anas aucklandica nesiotisCampbell Island Flightless teal
Anas laysanensisLaysan duck
Anas oustaletiMarianas Island duck (otherwise known as Marianas Mallard)
Branta canadensis leucopareiaAleutian Canada goose
Branta sandvicensisHawaiian goose (otherwise known as Nene)
Cairina scutulataWhite winged wood duck
Rhodonessa caryophyllaceaPink-headed duck
Diurnal Birds of PreyU.K.
CathartidaeNew world vultures
Pandion haliaetusOsprey
AccipitridaeTrue hawks
Sagittarius serpentariusSecretary bird
Aburria jacutingaBlack-fronted curassow (otherwise known as Black-fronted guan)
Aburria pipileWhite-headed curassow (otherwise known as Piping guan)
Catreus wallichiiCheer pheasant
Colinus virginianus ridgwayiMasked bobwhite
Crax blumenbachiiRed-billed curassow
Crax mituRazor-billed curassow
Crossoptilon crossoptilonWhite Eared-pheasant
Crossoptilon mantchuricumBrown Eared-pheasant
Lophophorus impejanusHimalayan monal
Lophophorus lhuysiiChinese monal
Lophophorus sclateriSclater’s monal
Lophura edwardsiEdward’s pheasant
Lophura imperialisImperial pheasant
Lophura swinhoeiSwinhoe’s pheasant
Macrocephalon maleoMaleo Fowl
Oreophasis derbianusHorned guan
Penelope albipennisWhite-winged guan
Polyplectron emphanumPalawan peacock pheasant
Syrmaticus elliotiElliot’s pheasant
Syrmaticus humiaeHume’s pheasant (otherwise known as Bar-tailed pheasant)
Syrmaticus mikadoMikado pheasant
Tetraogallus caspiusCaspian snowcock
Tetraogallus tibetanusTibetan snowcock
Tragopan blythiiBlyth’s tragopan
Tragopan cabotiCabot’s tragopan
Tragopan melanocephalusWestern tragopan
Tympanuchus cupido attwateriAttwater’s prairie chicken
Cranes and railsU.K.
Grus americanaWhooping crane
Grus canadensis nesiotesCuban sandhill crane
Grus canadensis pullaMississippi sandhill crane
Grus japonensisManchurian crane (otherwise known as Japanese crane)
Grus leucogeranusSiberian White crane
Grus monachaHooded crane
Grus nigricollisBlack-necked crane
Grus vipioWhite-necked crane (otherwise known as White-naped crane)
Tricholimnas sylvestrisLord Howe wood-rail
Rhynochetos jubatusKagu
Chlamydotis undulataHoubara bustard
Choriotis nigriceps (otherwise known as Ardeotis nigriceps)Great Indian bustard
Eupodotis bengalensisBengal florican
Waders and GullsU.K.
Numenius borealisEskimo curlew
Tringa guttiferSpotted greenshank (otherwise known as Nordmann’s greenshank)
Larus relictusRelict gull
Pigeons and dovesU.K.
Caloenas nicobaricaNicobar pigeon
Ducula mindorensisMindoro imperial pigeon
Amazona arausiacaRed-necked parrot (otherwise known as Red-necked amazon)
Amazona barbadensisYellow-shouldered parrot (otherwise known as Yellow-shouldered amazon)
Amazona brasiliensisRed-tailed parrot (otherwise known as Red-tailed amazon)
Amazona guildingiiSt. Vincent parrot (otherwise known as St. Vincent amazon)
Amazona imperialisImperial parrot (otherwise known as Imperial amazon)
Amazona leucocephalaCuban parrot (otherwise known as Cuban amazon)
Amazona pretreiRed-spectacled parrot (otherwise known as Red-spectacled amazon)
Amazona rhodocorytha(otherwise known as Amazona dufresniana rhodocorytha)Red-crowned parrot (otherwise known as Red-crowned amazon)
Amazona versicolorSt Lucia parrot (otherwise known as St Lucia amazon)
Amazona vinaceaVinaceous parrot (otherwise known as Vinaceous amazon)
Amazona vittataPuerto Rico parrot (otherwise known as Puerto Rican amazon)
Anodorhynchus glaucusGlaucous macaw
Anodorhynchus leariLear’s macaw
Aratinga guarubaGolden parakeet (otherwise known as Golden conure)
Cyanopsitta spixiiSpix’s macaw
Cyanoramphus auriceps forbesiForbes’ parakeet
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiaeRed-fronted parakeet
Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni (otherwise known as Opopsitta diophthalma coxeni)Coxen’s fig parrot
Geopsittacus occidentalisAustralian night parrot
Neophema chrysogasterOrange-bellied parakeet (otherwise known as Orange-bellied parrot)
Pezoporus wallicusGround parrot
Pionopsitta pileataRed-capped parrot (otherwise known as Pileated parrot)
Psephotus chrysopterygiusGolden-shouldered parakeet (otherwise known as Golden-shouldered parrot or Hooded parakeet)
Psephotus pulcherrimusParadise parrot
Psittacula echo (otherwise known as Psittacula krameri echo)Mauritius parakeet (otherwise known as Mauritius ring-necked parakeet)
Psittacus erithacus princepsFernando Po grey parrot
Pyrrhura cruentataBlue-throated conure
Rhynchopsitta pachyrhynchaThick-billed parrot
Rhynchopsitta terrisiMaroon-fronted parrot
Strigops habroptilusKakapo (otherwise known as Owl parrot)
Ramphodon dohrniiHook-billed hermit
Pharomachrus mocinno costaricensisCosta Rican quetzal (otherwise known as Resplendent quetzal)
Pharomachrus mocinno mocinnoMagnificent quetzal (otherwise known as Resplendent quetzal)
TytonidaeBarn owls
StrigidaeTypical owls
Buceros bicornis (otherwise known as Buceros homraiGreat pied hornbill
Rhinoplax vigilHelmeted hornbill
Campephilus imperialisImperial woodpecker
Dryocopus javensis richardsiTristram’s woodpecker (otherwise known as White-bellied black woodpecker)
Cotinga maculataBanded cotinga
Xipholena atropurpureaWhite-winged cotinga
Pitta kochiKoch’s pitta
Atrichornis clamosaNoisy scrub-bird
Leucopsar rothschildiRothschild’s mynah
Dasyornis brachypterus longirostrisWestern bristlebird
Dasyornis broadbenti littoralisWestern rufous bristlebird
Picathartes gymnocephalusWhite-necked rockfowl (otherwise known as Yellow-headed rockfowl or Guinea bear-headed rockfowl)
Picathartes oreasGrey-necked rockfowl (otherwise known as Cameroon bare-headed rockfowl or Red-headed rockfowl)
Zosterops albogularisWhite-breasted silver-eye
Meliphaga cassidixHelmeted honeyeater
Spinus cucullatus (otherwise known as Carduelis cucullatus)Red siskin


3U.K.The kinds of reptile specified in the first column below—

Alligator sinensisChinese alligator
Caiman crocodilus apaporiensisRio Apaporis caiman (otherwise known as Spectacled caiman)
Caiman latirostrisBroad-nosed caiman
Melanosuchus nigerBlack caiman
Crocodylus acutusAmerican crocodile
Crocodylus cataphractusAfrican slender-snouted crocodile (otherwise known as African sharp-nosed crocodile)
Crocodylus intermediusOrinoco crocodile
Crocodylus moreletiiMorelet’s crocodile
Crocodylus niloticusNile crocodile
Crocodylus novaeguineae mindorensisPhilippine crocodile
Crocodylus palustrisMugger (otherwise known as Marsh crocodile or Broad-snouted crocodile)
Crocodylus porosusEstuarine crocodile (otherwise known as Salt-water crocodile)
Crocodylus rhombiferCuban crocodile
Crocodylus siamensisSiamese crocodile
Osteolaemus tetraspisWest African dwarf crocodile
Tomistoma schlegeliiFalse gharial (otherwise known as False gavial)
Gavialis gangeticusIndian gharial (otherwise known as Indian gavial)
BrachylophusFijian iguanas
CycluraCaribbean rock iguanas
Sauromalus variusSan Esteban Island chuck-walla
Varanus bengalensisBengal monitor (otherwise known as Indian monitor or Common monitor)
Varanus flavescensYellow monitor
Varanus griseusDesert monitor (otherwise known as Agra monitor or Grey monitor)
Varanus komodoensisKomodo dragon
AcrantophisMadagascar boas
BolyeriaRound island boas
CasareaRound island boas
Epicrates inornatusYellow tree boa
Epicrates subflavusJamaican boa
Python molurus molurusIndian python (otherwise known as Indian rock python)
Sanzinia madagascariensisMadagascar boa
Sphenodon punctatusTuatara
Batagur baskaRiver terrapin (otherwise known as Tuntong)
Geoclemys hamiltonii (otherwise known as Damonia hamiltonii)Black pond turtle (otherwise known as Spotted pond turtle)
Melanochelys tricarinata (otherwise known as Geoemyda tricarinata or Nicoria tricarinata)Three-keeled turtle (otherwise known as Three-keeled land tortoise)
Kachuga tecta tectaIndian tent turtle (otherwise known as Indian sawback turtle or Roofed turtle or Dura turtle)
Morenia ocellataBurmese swamp turtle
Terrapene coahuilaAquatic box turtle (otherwise known as Water box turtle)
Geochelone elephantopus (otherwise known as Testudo elephantopus)Galapagos giant tortoise
Geochelone radiata (otherwise known as Testudo radiata)Radiated tortoise (otherwise known as Rayed tortoise)
Geochelone yniphora (otherwise known as Testudo yniphora)Madagascar tortoise (otherwise known as Rayed tortoise or Angonoka)
Gopherus flavomarginatus (otherwise known as Crophemus polyphemus flavomarginatus)Mexican gopher tortoise
Psammobates geometricus (otherwise known as Testudo geometricus)Geometric tortoise
CheloniidaeSea turtles
Dermochelys coriaceaLeatherback turtle (otherwise known as Leathery turtle or Luth)
Lissemys punctata punctataIndian flap-shelled turtle
Trionyx aterCuatro Cienegas soft-shell turtle (otherwise known as Black soft-shelled turtle)
Trionyx gangeticusGanges soft-shelled turtle (otherwise known as Indian soft-shelled turtle)
Trionyx hurumPeacock-marked soft-shelled turtle
Trionyx nigricansDark-coloured soft-shelled turtle
Pseudemydura umbrinaShort-necked turtle (otherwise known as Western swamp turtle)


The kinds of amphibian specified in the first column below—

Andrias davidianus (otherwise known as Megalo batrachus davidianus)Chinese giant salamander
Andrias japonicus (otherwise known as Megalobatrachus japonicus)Japanese giant salamander
Atelopus varius zetekiGolden frog (otherwise known as Zetek’s frog)
Bufo periglenesGolden toad (otherwise known as Orange toad)
Bufo superciliarisCameroon toad
NectophrynoidesViviparous toads


5U.K.The kinds of fish specified in the first column below—

KindCommon name
Acipenser brevirostrumShortnose sturgeon
Scleropages formosusAsiatic bonytongue
Coregonus alpenaeLongjaw cisco
Chasmistes cujusCui-ui
Probarbus jullienilkan temolek
Pangasianodon gigasGiant catfish
Stizostedion vitreum glaucumBlue walleye
Cynoscion macdonaldiDrum fish


6U.K.The kinds of mollusc specified below—

Conradilla caelata

Dromus dromas

Epioblasma florentina curtisi (otherwise known as Dysnomia florentina curtisi)

Epioblasma florentina florentina (otherwise known as Dysnomia florentina florentina)

Epioblasma sampsoni (otherwise known as Dysnomia sampsoni)

Epioblasma sulcata perobliqua (otherwise known as Dysnomia sulcata perobliqua)

Epioblasma torulosa gubernaculum (Otherwise known as Dysnomia torulosa gubernaculum)

Epioblasma torulosa torulosa (otherwise known as Dysnomia torulosa torulosa)

Epioblasma turgidula (otherwise known as Dysnomia turgidula)

Epioblasma walkeri (otherwise known as Dysnomia walkeri)

Fusconaia cuneolus

Fusconaia edgariana

Lampsilis higginsi

Lampsilis orbiculata orbiculata

Lampsilis satura

Lampsilis verescens

Plethobasus cicatricosus

Plethobasus cooperianus

Pleurobema plenum

Potamilus capax (otherwise known as Proptera capax)

Quadrula intermedia

Quadrula sparsa

Toxolasma cylindrella (otherwise known as Carunculina cylindrella)

Unio nickliniana (otherwise known as Megalonaias nickliniana)

Unio tampicoensis tecomatensis (otherwise known as Lampsilis tampicoensis tecomatensis)

Villosa trabalis (otherwise known as Micromya trabalis)

NOTE. The second column of this Schedule gives a common name or names, where available, and is included by way of guidance only ; in the event of any dispute or proceedings, only the first column is to be taken into account.

Part IIIU.K.

U.K. Schedule inserted as Schedule 5


U.K. Plants the sale etc. of which is restricted

This Schedule applies to the kinds of plant specified in the second column below—

ApocynaceaePachypodium namaquanum
AraceaeAlocasia sanderana
CactaceaeAriocarpus agavoides
Ariocarpus scapharostrus
Aztekium ritteri
Echinocereus lindsayi
Obregonia denegrii
Pelecyphora aselliformis
Pelecyphora strobiliformis
CaryocaraceaeCaryocar costaricense
CaryophyllaceaeGymnocarpus przewalskii
Melandrium mongolicus
Silene mongolica
Stellaria pulvinata
CupressaceaeFitzroya cupressoides
Pilgerodendron uviferum
CycadaceaeMirocycas calocoma
GentianaceaePrepusa hookeriana
HumiriaceaeVantanea barbourii
JuglandaceaeEngelhardtia pterocarpa
LeguminosaeAmmopiptanthus mongolicum
Cynometra hemitomophylla
Platymiscium pleiostachyum
Tachigalia versicolor
LiliaceaeAloe albida
Aloe pillansii
Aloe polyphylla
Aloe thorncropftii
Aloe vossii
MelastomataceaeLavoisiera itambana
MeliaceaeGuarea longipetiola
MoraceaeBatocarpus costaricensis
NepenthaceaeNepenthes rajah
OrchidaceaeCattleya skinneri
Cattleya trianae
Didiciea cunninghamii
Laelia jongheana
Laelia lobata
Lycaste virginalis var alba
Peristeria elata
Renanthera imschootiana
Vanda coerulea
PinaceaeAbies guatemalensis
Abies nebrodensis
PodocarpaceaePodocarpus costalis
Podocarpus parlatorei
ProteaceaeOrothamnus zeyheri
Protea odorata
RubiaceaeBalmea stormae
SarraceniaceaeSarracenia alabamensis alabamensis
Sarracenia jonesii
Sarracenia oreophila
Saxifragaceae (otherwise known as Grossulariaceae)Ribes sardoum
StangeriaceaeStangeria eriopus
UlmaceaeCeltis aetnensis
WelwitschiaceaeWelwitschia bainesii
ZingiberaceaeHedychium philippinense

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