PART IIMiscellaneous Provisions

Provisions relating to certain proceedings in county courts

34Jurisdiction of, and appeal on question of fact from, county court

(1)The jurisdiction conferred on a county court by section 11 or section 22 of this Act or paragraph 5 of Schedule 1 thereto shall be exercisable by a county court notwithstanding that by reason of the amount claimed in an application made under either of those sections or the said paragraph 5, as the case may be, the jurisdiction would not but for this subsection be exercisable by a county court.

(2)At the end of subsection (2) of section 109 of the [1959 c. 22.] County Courts Act 1959 (appeals on questions of fact) there shall be inserted the following paragraph:—

(g)any proceedings on an application for an order under section 13A of the Matrimonial Proceedings (Magistrates' Courts) Act 1960, section 11 of the Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act 1970, section 15 of that Act, section 22 thereof or paragraph 5 of Schedule 1 thereto.