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SCHEDULE 2S Modification of Enactments Consequential on Application of Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 to Tenancies of Crofts

Part IS Modification of Enactments

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1The text of Sch. 2 Pt. I and Pt II (except the entry relating to s. 16 of the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964)) and Sch. 3 is in the form in which it was originally enacted: it was not reproduced in Statutes in Force and does not reflect any amendments or repeals which may have been made prior to 1.2.1991.

S The Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 (1964 c. 41)

26SIn section 16(9)—

(a)in the definition of “agricultural lease", at the end there shall be inserted the words “, or a lease of a croft within the meaning of section 3(1) of the Act of 1955;";

(b)after the definition of “the Act of 1949" there shall be inserted the following definition:—

the Act of 1955” means the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1955;.