Road Traffic Regulation Act 1967

  1. Traffic regulation outside Greater London

    1. 1.Traffic regulation orders outside Greater London

    2. 5.Certain councils may make orders under ss. 1 and 28 for purpose of general scheme of traffic control

  2. Traffic regulation in Greater London

    1. 6.Traffic regulation orders in Greater London

    2. 7.Provisions as to Minister's orders under s. 6

    3. 8.Provisions as to Greater London Council's orders under s. 6

  3. Experimental traffic schemes

    1. 9.Experimental traffic orders

    2. 11.Experimental traffic schemes in Greater London

  4. Traffic regulation in special cases

    1. 12.Temporary prohibition or restriction of traffic on roads

    2. 13.Traffic regulation on special roads

    3. 14.One-way traffic on trunk roads

    4. 15.Regulation of use of highways by public service vehicles

    5. 16.Prohibition or restriction of use of vehicles on roads of certain classes

    6. 17.Restriction of use of heavy vehicles on weak bridges

    7. 18.Power of highway and bridge authorities to authorise carriage of excess weights on roads and bridges

    8. 19.Control of driving over Menai Bridge

    9. 20.Removal of vehicles illegally, obstructively or dangerously parked, abandoned or broken down

  5. Pedestrian crossings

    1. 21.Schemes for establishment of pedestrian crossings on roads other than trunk roads

    2. 22.Duty of appropriate Minister to establish pedestrian crossings on trunk roads

    3. 23.Pedestrian crossing regulations

  6. School crossings

    1. 24.Arrangements for patrolling school crossings

    2. 25.Stopping of vehicles at school crossings

  7. Street playgrounds

    1. 26.Power of local authorities outside Greater London to prohibit traffic on roads to be used as playgrounds

    2. 26A.Power of local authorities in Greater London to prohibit traffic on roads to be used as playgrounds

    3. 27.Power of local authorities to make byelaws with respect to roads used as playgrounds

  8. Parking places (general provisions): off highways or without payment on highways

    1. 28.Power of local authorities to provide parking places

    2. 29.Additional powers of local authorities in connection with off-street parking places

    3. 30.Acquisition of land

    4. 31.Provisions as to use of parking places provided under s. 28

    5. 32.Provisions supplemental to ss. 28 to 31

    6. 33.Omnibus and coach stations

    7. 34.Provisions as to foreshore in Scotland

  9. Parking places (general provisions): on highways for payment

    1. 35.Provision on highways of parking places where charges made

    2. 36.Regulation of parking in places designated under s. 35

    3. 37.Provisions supplementary to ss. 35 and 36

    4. 39.Designation orders outside Greater London

    5. 40.Provisions supplementary to ss. 35 to 39

    6. 41.Limitation of right to challenge designation orders in legal proceedings

    7. 42.Offences relating to parking places on highways where charges made

    8. 43.Contravention, etc., of provisions of certain designation orders

    9. 44.Financial provisions relating to exercise of powers under s. 35

  10. Grants towards cost of off-street parking places

    1. 45.Grants towards cost of provision and maintenance of off-street parking places

  11. Parish parking places for bicycles and motor cycles

    1. 46.Power of parish councils to provide parking places for bicycles and motor cycles

    2. 47.Provisions as to consents for purposes of s. 46

    3. 48.Provisions ancillary to exercise of powers under s. 46

    4. 49.Application of ss. 46 to 48 to boroughs included in rural districts

    5. 50.Interpretation of ss. 46 to 49

  12. Parking of vehicles in Royal Parks

    1. 51.Power to provide for charges for parking in Royal Parks

  13. Provisions as to vehicles removed from parking places, etc.

    1. 52.Charges for removing and storing vehicles

    2. 53.Disposal of vehicles abandoned on roads or in parking places

  14. Traffic signs

    1. 54.Traffic signs

    2. 55.Powers and duties of highway authorities as to placing of traffic signs

    3. 56.Powers and duties of Greater London Council in respect of traffic signs

    4. 56A.Power of certain traffic authorities in respect of traffic signs

    5. 57.Traffic signs for giving effect to local traffic regulations

    6. 58.Emergency traffic signs

    7. 59.Warning devices for indicating temporary obstructions

    8. 60.Traffic signs in connection with experimental traffic schemes in London

    9. 61.Removal of traffic signs, etc.

    10. 62.Traffic signs: default powers

    11. 63.Power to enter on land

    12. 64.Traffic signs: modifications as respects trunk roads

    13. 65.Traffic signs: modifications as respects roads where parking permitted without lights

    14. 66.Traffic signs: modifications as respects cattle-grids

    15. 67.Construction of references to highway authorities for purposes of ss. 55 to 56A and 61 to 63

    16. 68.Ministers' powers to make advances for erection, etc., of traffic signs

  15. Bollards and other obstructions

    1. 69.Bollards and other obstructions on roads outside Greater London

    2. 70.Bollards and other obstructions on roads in Greater London

  16. Speed limits

    1. 71.General speed limit for restricted roads

    2. 72.What roads restricted

    3. 73.Provisions as to directions under s. 72

    4. 74.Speed limits on roads other than restricted roads

    5. 75.Signs for indicating speed restrictions

    6. 76.Provisions supplementary to ss. 71 to 75

    7. 77.Temporary speed limits and continuation thereof

  17. Speed limits for certain classes of vehicles

    1. 78.Speed limits for vehicles of different classes

  18. Speed limits—exemptions

    1. 79.Exemption of fire engines, etc. from speed limits

  19. Enforcement and administration of traffic laws

    1. 80.Punishment without prosecution of offences in connection with lights, reflectors, obstruction, etc.

    2. 81.Traffic wardens

  20. Exercise of certain powers as respects boundary roads and parts of roads

    1. 82.Powers exercisable with respect to boundary roads

    2. 83.Exercise of certain powers as respects part of road

  21. Special provisions with respect to functions of the Greater London Council and other local authorities

    1. 84.General duty of Greater London Council and other local authorities with respect to road traffic

  22. Special provisions with respect to certain orders

    1. 84A.Reserve powers of appropriate Minister as to certain orders

    2. 84B.Consents of appropriate Minister to certain orders

    3. 84C.Procedure as respects certain orders and consents

    4. 84D.Provisions as to Variation or revocation, and as to making by Ministers, of certain orders

    5. 84E.Limitation of right to challenge certain orders in legal proceedings

  23. Furnishing of information

    1. 85.Duty to give information as to identity of driver, etc. in certain cases

  24. Forgery of parking meter ticket, etc.

    1. 86.Forgery of parking meter ticket, etc.

  25. Penalty for breach of regulations and for aiding, abetting, etc., commission of offences in Scotland

    1. 87.Penalty for breach of regulations

    2. 88.Penalty for aiding, abetting, etc. commission of offences in Scotland

  26. Legal proceedings and destination of fines

    1. 89.Evidence by certificate

    2. 90.Proof, in summary proceedings, of identity of driver of vehicle

    3. 91.Time for commencing summary proceedings for offences under s. 86

    4. 92.Jurisdiction of courts of summary jurisdiction in Scotland for certain offences

    5. 93.Inclusion in indictment in Scotland of certain summary offences

    6. 94.Destination of fines

  27. Inquiries

    1. 95.General power to hold inquiries

    2. 96.General provisions as to inquiries

  28. Application to Crown

    1. 97.Application to Crown

    2. 98.Vehicles used for marine salvage

  29. Interpretation

    1. 99.Interpretation of expressions relating to motor vehicles and classes thereof

    2. 100.Articulated vehicles

    3. 101.Hovercraft

    4. 102.Pedal cycles

    5. 103.Certain vehicles not to be treated as motor vehicles

    6. 104.General interpretation provisions

    7. 105.Effect of certain references to Scottish local authorities

  30. Exclusion of application of certain provisions to tramcars and trolley vehicles

    1. 106.Exclusion of application of certain provisions to tramcars and trolley vehicles

  31. Exercise of regulation-making powers and parliamentary control thereover

    1. 107.Exercise of regulation-making powers and parliamentary control thereover

  32. Application to Wales

    1. 108.Application to Wales

  33. Application to Isles of Scilly

    1. 108A.Application to Isles of Stilly

  34. Supplementary

    1. 109.Consequential amendments

    2. 110.Repeals, revocations, savings and transitional provisions

    3. 111.Saving for s. 38 of Interpretation Act 1889

    4. 112.Saving for law of nuisance

    5. 113.Short title, commencement and extent

    1. Schedule 1

      Scope of Traffic Regulation Orders that may be Made for Greater London

      1. 1.For prescribing the routes to be followed by all classes...

      2. 2.For prescribing streets which are not to be used for...

      3. 3.For regulating the relative position in the roadway of traffic...

      4. 4.For prescribing the places where vehicles or vehicles of any...

      5. 5.For prescribing the conditions subject to which, and the times...

      6. 6.For prescribing the number and maximum size and weight of...

      7. 7.For prescribing the conditions subject to which, and the times...

      8. 8.For prescribing the conditions subject to which, and the times...

      9. 9.For prescribing the conditions subject to which, and the times...

      10. 10.For prescribing rules as to precedence to be observed as...

      11. 11.For prescribing the conditions subject to which, and the times...

      12. 12.For requiring the erection, exhibition, and removal of traffic notices,...

      13. 13.Broken down vehicles.

      14. 14.Vehicles, or vehicles of any class, when unattended.

      15. 15.Places in streets where vehicles, or vehicles of any class,...

      16. 16.Cabs and hackney carriages not hired and being in a...

      17. 17.For restricting the use of vehicles and animals, and of...

      18. 18.The lighting and guarding of street works.

      19. 19.The erection or placing or the removal of any works...

      20. 20.Queues of persons waiting in streets.

      21. 21.Priority of entry to public vehicles.

      22. 22.For enabling any police, local or other public authority, in...

    2. Schedule 2

      Scope of Traffic Regulations that may be made by the Commissioners of Police of Metropolis and for City of London

      1. 1.Prescribing the routes to be followed by traffic from one...

      2. 2.Prescribing streets which are not to be used for traffic....

      3. 3.Regulating the relative position in the roadway of traffic of...

      4. 4.Prescribing the places where vehicles may not turn so as...

      5. 5.Prescribing the conditions subject to which and the times at...

      6. 6.Prescribing the conditions subject to which and the times at...

      7. 7.Prescribing rules as to precedence to be observed as between...

      8. 8.Making provision as to vehicles when unattended.

      9. 9.Making provision as to places in streets where vehicles may,...

      10. 10.Making provision as to cab ranks and ranks and stopping...

    3. Schedule 3

      Notification of Temporary Traffic Restrictions

      1. 1.(1) Subject to the provision of this Schedule, not less...

      2. 2.So long as any order made under subsection (1) of...

      3. 3.(1) A notice issued under subsection (2) of the principal...

    4. Schedule 5

      Limits of Speed for Vehicles of certain Classes

      1. 13.A vehicle falling within two or more classes specified in...

      2. 14.(1) In this Schedule " dual-purpose vehicle " means a...

      3. 15.In this Schedule " load-carrying trailer " means a trailer,...

      4. 16.In this Schedule " glider trailer " means a trailer—...

      5. 17.In this Schedule " articulated vehicle " means a vehicle...

      6. 18.In this Schedule, in relation to a vehicle (including a...

      7. 19.In this Schedule " track-laying " means so designed and...

      8. 20.The conditions referred to in paragraphs 3(2) and 4(2) above...

      9. 21.For the purposes of this Schedule measuring or testing apparatus,...

      10. 22.For the purposes of paragraphs 20 and 21 above, two...

      11. 23.A heavy motor car or motor car drawing a trailer...

      12. 24.(1) Paragraphs 1 to 4 above do not apply to,...

    5. Schedule 6

      Consequential Amendments

    6. Schedule 7

      Repeals and Revocations

      1. Part I Enactments Repealed

      2. Part II Regulations and Order Revoked

    7. Schedule 8

      Savings and Transitional Provisions

      1. 1.In so far as any order, regulation, rule, scheme, byelaw,...

      2. 2.Where any enactment or document refers, whether specifically or by...

      3. 3.Without prejudice to paragraph 1 above, any reference in this...

      4. 4.For the purpose of determining the punishment (by fine, imprisonment...

      5. 5.Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions of...

      6. 6.Any byelaw made under section 104 of the Roads and...

      7. 7.References in any order made by the Minister under section...

      8. 8.Any byelaws or regulations in force at the commencement of...

      9. 9.The repeal by this Act of any provision of the...

      10. 10.A direction in an order made under section 1 of...

      11. 11.(1) Any road which immediately before the relevant date was...

      12. 12.Any limit of speed which was in force on 1st...

      13. 13.Section 249 of the Road Traffic Act 1960 (general provisions...

      14. 14.Any order made or having effect as if made by...

      15. 15.Where any provision of this Act as originally enacted which...

      16. 16.Subject to paragraph 17 of this Schedule, anything begun or...

      17. 17.(1) Where an order under any provision of this Act...

      18. 18.Where any order made or having effect as if made...