Section 12


1The name of the vessel.

2The name and address of the owner of the vessel.

3The name and address of the applicant if not the owner.

4The size and dimensions of the vessel.

5In which of the categories, designated for the time being by the Commissioners for the purposes of registration, the vessel falls.

6Whether the application is for renewal of a registration or for a new registration.

7The period of registration applied for.

8In the case of a vessel which is subject to a requirement for insurance under the byelaws, a copy of a certificate of insurance for the vessel or other evidence that there is in force a policy of insurance in relation to it.

9In the case of a vessel which is subject to any requirement under the byelaws―

(a)a certificate that the applicant has read the current specification applicable to the vessel under those byelaws and that the vessel complies in every respect with that specification; and

(b)such additional information as the Commissioners may require concerning compliance with that specification.