(1)Sections 5 and 11 and the Schedule come into force on the appointed day.

(2)Part 3 comes into force on the day after the day on which the Company is first registered under the 2006 Act.

(3)Before the appointed day, the Company shall publish in the London Gazette notice of the day appointed, stating that it is the appointed day for the purposes of this Act.

(4)The publication of a notice under subsection (3) shall be conclusive evidence of the coming into force of a provision of this Act under subsection (1) of this section, and a photocopy or other reproduction, certified by a director of the Company or the Company secretary, of a page or part of a page of the London Gazette containing the notice shall be conclusive evidence of publication.

(5)In this section “the appointed day” means such day as may be fixed as regards the provisions mentioned in subsection (1) by the Company.

(6)The appointed day must not be before the date on which the Company is first registered under the 2006 Act (“the registration date”).

(7)Subsection (8) applies during the period (if any) beginning with the registration date and ending at the end of the day preceding the appointed day.

(8)So far as there is any inconsistency between a provision of the 2006 Act which applies to the Company by virtue of the Company having been registered (provision A) and a provision mentioned in section 5 or the Schedule (“provision B”) then provision B prevails.