Section 11


1The following provisions of the 1930 Act are repealed.

2In section 2 (Act divided into Parts) the words “Part IV.—Meetings, directors and administrative provisions”.

3In section 3 (incorporation of general Acts)—

(a)the words “and Parts of Acts”; and

(b)the references to the 1845 Act and Parts I, II and III of the 1863 Act.

4Section 21 (new shares to be subject to same incidents as other shares).

5Section 24 (for appointment of receiver).

6Section 25 (debenture stock).

7Section 26 (priority of mortgages over other debts).

8Section 27 (application of moneys).

9Section 28 (company may incur temporary loans).

10Section 29 (as to disposal of shares or stock).

11In section 33 (company not bound to regard trusts) the words after “subject”.

12Part IV (meetings, directors and administrative provisions).