Section 14

SCHEDULE 4Repeals and Revocations


EnactmentExtent of repeal
Humber Bridge Act 1959 (c. xlvi)Section 61 (tolls).
Section 66 (power to compound for payment of tolls).
Section 68(5) (fine for wrongfully claiming or taking toll exemption).
Section 69 (power to borrow).
Section 70 (application of Act of 1933 to borrowing of money by Board).
Section 71 (suspension of payments into sinking fund).
Section 76 (apportionment of deficiency).
Section 81 (accounts and audit).
Humber Bridge Act 1971 (c. xlvii)Section 3 (power to borrow).
Section 4 (amendment of section 69 of Act of 1959).
Section 6 (power to suspend provision for repayment of moneys borrowed).
Section 9 (accounts).
Section 10 (revision of tolls).
Section 11 (further provision as to revision of tolls).