PART 3Builders' Skips

13Release of immobilised skips

(1)A skip to which an immobilisation device has been fixed in accordance with section 12 may only be released from that device by or under the direction of a person authorised by the relevant highway authority to give such a direction.

(2)Subject to subsection (1), such a skip shall be released from the device on payment in any manner specified in the notice fixed to the skip under section 12(2) of—

(a)the penalty charge payable in respect of the contravention inquestion; and

(b)such charge in respect of the release as may be prescribed by a joint committee.

(3)Section 66(2), (4) and (5) (levels of penalty charge) and section 67 (penalty charges: reserve powers of Secretary of State) of the 2007 Act shall apply in relation to the levels of charge prescribed by a joint committee under subsection (2) as they apply in relation to the levels of penalty charges set by borough councils under section 66(1) of that Act.