PART 2Regulations and management of navigation area

Directions to vessels, etc.

10Directions as to loading or unloading of vessels, etc.

(1)The Authority may designate any part of the navigation area for the loading and unloading of any goods to which this section applies.

(2)As soon as reasonably practicable after designating any part of the navigation area under subsection (1) the Authority shall publish details of the designation on the Authority’s website and shall take such other reasonable steps as it considers appropriate to publicise the designation.

(3)Where pursuant to subsection (1) the Authority has designated a place for the loading or unloading of goods of any description the navigation officer may direct that goods of the description, intended to be loaded onboard or unloaded from a vessel, shall not be deposited or received elsewhere than at the place so designated.

(4)If any person disobeys a direction given under subsection (3)—

(a)the Authority may remove the goods to the place so designated and recover the reasonable expenses incurred by it in so doing from that person;

(b)the removal shall be at the risk of that person.

(5)A person acting on behalf of the Authority who removes goods in accordance with subsection (4) may remove any equipment which is provided for the handling of the goods.

(6)The goods to which this section applies are goods which are loaded or unloaded in connection with any trade or business, goods in bulk and goods the nature or character of which is such as, in the opinion of the Authority, to give rise to special risk of pollution, contamination, taint, stain, injury or danger to other goods or to persons, property or water or to necessitate the provision of special facilities for the handling thereof or for the safety, protection, welfare or accommodation of persons employed in, or in connection with, such handling.

(7)Nothing in this section shall authorise the Authority to prevent or restrict the lawful use of any staithe within the meaning of section 25 of the 1988 Act.