Part 5Non-payment of Penalty Charges

21Claim by the owner of a vehicle after its disposal

(1)If, after a vehicle has been disposed of by a custodian pursuant to section 18 (disposal of removed vehicles and contents) of this Act, a person claims to have been the owner of the vehicle at the time when it was disposed of and the conditions specified in subsection (2) below are met, there shall be payable to him by the custodian a sum calculated in accordance with subsection (3) below.

(2)The conditions are that—

(a)the claimant satisfies the custodian that he was the owner of the vehicle at the time it was disposed of; and

(b)the claim is made before the end of the period of one year beginning with the date on which the vehicle was disposed of.

(3)The sum payable under subsection (1) above shall be calculated by deducting from the proceeds of sale the sums that would have been payable under subsection (9) of section 19 (taking possession of a vehicle) of this Act, had the vehicle been claimed by the owner immediately before its disposal, together with such charge as may be imposed by section 17 (immobilisation and removal of vehicles) of this Act in respect of the disposal of a vehicle.