Section 11

SCHEDULE 1Sections of Public Health Act 1936 (c. 49) applied to section 11(removal of abandoned apparatus etc. from streets) of this Act

SectionMarginal Note
275Power of local authority to execute certain works on behalf of owners and occupiers.
278Compensation to individuals for damage resulting from exercise of powers under Act.
283(1)Notices to be in writing; forms of notices, etc.
285Service of notices, etc.
287Power to enter premises.
289Power to require occupier to permit works to be executed by owner.
290Provisions as to appeals against, and enforcement of, notices requiring execution of works.
291Certain expenses recoverable from owners to be a charge on the premises: power to order payment by instalments.
297Continuing offences and penalties.
300Appeals and applications to courts of summary jurisdiction.
341Power to apply provisions of Act to Crown property.