Part 5Street management

37Forecourt abutting on GLA roads

(1)Subject to subsections (2) to (4), section 166 of the 1980 Act (powers to require owners or occupiers of forecourts to take steps as respects dangers on forecourts abutting on streets) shall have effect as if in subsection (1) (which specifies the competent authority) after paragraph (a), there were inserted—

(aa)in the case of a GLA road, a local authority and also Transport for London;.

(2)Subject to subsection (3), before serving a notice under section 166(1) of the 1980 Act, TfL shall give not less than 7 days notice to the local authority, or each local authority, in whose area the GLA road is situated.

(3)Where a notice is served under section 166(1) of the 1980 Act in the case of emergency, TfL shall not be required to give prior notice to the local authority under subsection (2) but shall notify the local authority at the same time as, or as soon as reasonably practicable after, the service of the first mentioned notice.

(4)A notice served by TfL under section 166(1) of the 1980 Act shall not have effect in any case where—

(a)a notice has been served by a local authority under that section on the same person and in respect of the same land, and

(b)the works required by that notice will, if carried out, obviate the danger, obstruction or inconvenience to the public in question.