Part 1Preliminary

1Citation and commencement

(1)This Act may be cited as the Medway Council Act 2001.

(2)Part 2 (Dealers in second-hand goods), Part 3 (Occasional sales and squat trading) and Part 4 (Miscellaneous and general) of this Act shall come into force on the appointed day.

2Appointed day

(1)In this Act “the appointed day” means such day as may be fixed by resolution of the council, subject to and in accordance with the provisions of this section.

(2)Different days may be fixed under this section for the purpose of the application of different provisions of this Act.

(3)The council shall cause to be published in at least two newspapers circulating in the borough and at least one national art and antiques trade periodical notice—

(a)of the passing of any such resolution and of a day fixed thereby; and

(b)of the general effect of the provisions of this Act coming into operation as from that day;

and the day so fixed shall not be earlier than the expiration of six months from the publication of the said notice.

(4)Either a photostatic or other reproduction certified by the officer appointed for that purpose by the council to be a true reproduction of a page or part of a page of any such newspaper or of any such art and antiques trade periodical bearing the date of its publication and containing any such notice shall be evidence of the publication of the notice, and of the date of publication.


(1)In this Act, except where the context otherwise requires—

(2)For the purposes of this Act a person who holds an occasional sale includes any person who—

(a)charges admission to the premises used for the sale; or

(b)receives or is entitled to receive, as a person promoting the sale or as the agent, licensee or assignee of such a person, payment in respect of goods sold to persons attending the sale or for the granting of rights to other persons to sell goods to persons attending the sale; or

(c)receives or is entitled to receive payment for any space or pitch hired or let on the site of the sale to persons wishing to trade at the sale.