5Pilotage and navigational aids

(1)On and from the appointed day—

(a)the jurisdiction of the Commissioners for the purposes of the Pilotage Act 1987 (c. 21) shall include so much of the River as lies between an imaginary line drawn across the River immediately upstream of the site of No. 42 Buoy, Wivenhoe (51°51.2'N, 00°57.5'E) and the imaginary line mentioned in the definition of “the harbour” in section 2 (Interpretation) of this Act; and

(b)nothing in subsection (5) of section 7 of that Act shall prevent a pilotage direction under that section from applying to that area of the River.

(2)On and from the appointed day—

(a)the Commissioners shall for the purposes of Part VIII of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (c. 21) be the local lighthouse authority for so much of the River as lies between the imaginary lines referred to in subsection (1) above; and

(b)section 210 of that Act (light dues leviable by local lighthouse authorities) shall have effect so as to enable the Commissioners to levy charges in respect of any lighthouse, buoy or beacon situated in so much of that part of the River as is outside the harbour of Brightlingsea.