Part 3Registration of door supervisors

9Applications under Part 3

(1)An applicant for registration as a door supervisor or for renewal of a registration shall not later than the day the application is made send a copy of any application document to the chief constable and, subject to subsection (2) below, no such application shall be considered by the council unless the applicant complies with this subsection and consents to the disclosure to the council by the police of the record of his criminal convictions, including any spent convictions (within the meaning of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (c. 53)) evidence in relation to which is capable of being admitted under section 7(3) of that Act.

(2)The council may, in such cases as they think fit, after consulting with the chief constable consider an application for the grant or renewal of a registration notwithstanding that the applicant has failed to comply with subsection (1) above.

(3)In considering an application for the grant or renewal of a registration the council shall have regard to any observations submitted to them by the chief constable within 28 days of the making of the application and may have regard to any observations submitted by him thereafter.

(4)An applicant for the grant or renewal of registration shall furnish such particulars as the council may by regulation prescribe.

(5)Regulations under subsection (4) above may, inter alia, prescribe the procedure for determining applications.

(6)An applicant for the grant or renewal of a registration shall pay such reasonable fee as may be determined by the council which may, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, when taken together with other such fees charged by the council, be sufficient to cover the reasonable administrative costs of the council in operating the provisions of this Part of this Act and of training persons to be door supervisors.

(7)Where, before the date of expiry of a registration, an application has been made for its renewal the registration shall be deemed to remain in force or, as the case may require, to have effect with any necessary modifications until the determination of the application by the council or the withdrawal of the application.