Part 3Registration of door supervisors

10Refusal of registration

(1)The council may refuse to grant or renew a registration on any of the following grounds:—

(a)the applicant could be reasonably regarded as not being a fit and proper person to hold a registration;

(b)the applicant has received insufficient training;

(c)the applicant has made a material statement which he knew to be false in a material particular in connection with his application;

(d)the applicant has failed to comply with the requirements of subsection (4) or (6) of section 9 (Applications under Part 3) of this Act;

(e)any other reasonable cause.

(2)The council shall not refuse to grant or renew a registration without giving the applicant an opportunity to appear before the committee, sub-committee or officer determining the matter.

(3)Where the council refuse to grant or renew a registration, they shall if required to do so by the applicant give the applicant a statement in writing of the reasons for their decision within 7 days of the applicant requiring them to do so.