Part IIParking

14Miscellaneous provisions relating to unpaid charges

(1)Schedule 6 to the Act of 1991 (which provides, among other things, for parking penalties) shall not apply in relation to penalty charge notices issued in any case where the provisions of this section apply.

(2)(a)A person who makes any representation under section 11 (Representations relating to unpaid charges) or section 12 (Appeals relating to unpaid charges) of this Act which is false in a material particular and does so recklessly or knowing it to be false in that particular is guilty of an offence.

(b)Any person convicted of an offence under this subsection shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.

(3)(a)Any notice required to be served under this subsection may be served by post.

(b)Where the person on whom any document is required to be served by subsection (3) of the said section 11 of this Act is a body corporate, the document is duly served if it is sent by post to the secretary or clerk of that body.