SCHEDULESubstituted provisions of employee benefit trust dated 7th March 1984


The Trustees shall have the following further powers and discretions—

(a)power by resolution to authorise the manner in which cheques and other documents shall be signed and endorsed on their behalf;

(b)power with the authority of a resolution of the Trustees for the Trustees in whose names any shares or securities are at any time registered jointly by deed to appoint an attorney or attorneys for the purpose of executing for them or on their behalf any transfers of any such shares or securities for the purposes of the trusts of this Deed and with such authority to revoke such appointments, provided that in no case shall any power of attorney by the Trustees authorise the execution of any such transfer by less than two persons;

(c)power to settle, compromise or submit to arbitration any claims, matters or disputes arising in the course of or in connection with the administration of the trusts of this Deed;

(d)power to act on the advice of any lawyer, broker, actuary, accountant or other professional or business adviser whether such advice was obtained by the Trustees or by BPL and the Trustees shall not be responsible for any loss occasioned by their so acting.