7Other property held in trust for concurring churches

(1)Subject to the provisions of section 20 (Union churches participating with other denominations in united churches) and section 21 (Ecumenical churches) of this Act, all property (other than property to which the preceding section of this Act applies) which immediately before the date of unification is held in trust for, or for the purposes of, or in connection with—

(a)a concurring church;

(b)the minister or ministers of a concurring church; or

(c)the members of or any class of members of a concurring church;

shall on and from that date be held in trust for or (as the case may be) for equivalent purposes of or in connection with the local church, the minister or ministers of the local church, or the members or class of members of the local church corresponding to the concurring church for which, or for the purposes of, or in connection with which, the property was previously held but otherwise, so far as circumstances will permit, upon the same trusts and with and subject to the same powers and provisions as those upon which the property was held before the date of unification.

(2)The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not have the effect of bringing into operation any destination-over or any rights of pre-emption, redemption, reduction, resumption, irritancy, forfeiture or any other rights to enforce conditions contained in such a trust deed vested in any person or persons.

(3)A certificate given by the Synod Moderator that any local church is the church corresponding to any concurring church shall be conclusive evidence of such correspondence for all purposes.