SCHEDULE 1Adaptation of trusts

Part ITrusts for places used for religious worship

8If in the opinion of the Church Meeting evidenced by a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the persons present and (being entitled to vote) voting at a meeting specially convened for the purpose of considering such resolution, any amendment of any of the foregoing provisions with or without any amendment previously made shall be desirable and such resolution (in which the foregoing provisions with any amendment previously made may be referred to as “the statutory scheduled provisions”) shall be sanctioned by the Synod of Scotland and the General Assembly and a memorandum thereof and of its sanction signed by the Assembly Moderator and dated shall be endorsed on or annexed to the trust deed then as from the date of the said memorandum the foregoing provisions with any previous amendment shall be read as if the amendment or amendments specified in the resolution were embodied therein:

Provided that no amendment shall be made to that part of paragraph 1 hereof which ends with the words “principles and usages aforesaid” nor shall any amendment deprive the trustees of the discretion conferred on them by paragraph 2 hereof in relation to any matter therein mentioned.