SCHEDULE 1Adaptation of trusts

Part ITrusts for places used for religious worship

2The trustees may, if in their discretion they think fit, but not without the authority of a resolution of the Church Meeting and (except as to work on or in a building which does not substantially alter its character, appearance or value) not without the approval of the Synod of Scotland (which approval shall be sufficiently evidenced by a document signed by the Chairman or the Secretary for the time being of the Area Council and stating that such approval has been given), and subject to any statutory restrictions, do any of the following things from time to time:—

(a)Permit the buildings on the premises to be altered, enlarged, improved, rebuilt, supplemented or demolished;

(b)Raise money required for any of the last-mentioned purposes by mortgage or charge of or by granting a standard security over the whole or by sale of part of the premises;

(c)Sell or mortgage the whole or part of the premises and apply the money so obtained (as the Church Meeting shall direct) in or towards the acquisition of any interest in heritable property (subject or not to incumbrances) and the erection thereon of buildings such heritable property to be held upon the like trusts or for any other charitable purposes of the United Reformed Church;

(d)Dispose of the premises or any part thereof for development under a building lease or other arrangement including or not including provisions for the acquisition of any interest (to be held so far as may be on the trusts set forth in paragraph 1 hereof) in new church premises to be built as part of the development and apply all money arising from any such disposal and not required for new premises for such charitable purposes connected with the work of the United Reformed Church as the Synod of Scotland acting with due regard for the needs of such work within the area of the Area Council shall by resolution appoint (or if so directed by the Synod of Scotland shall pay them to the Treasurer of the Synod of Scotland or of the Area Council to be dealt with in either case as part of the general funds of that Synod or Council as the case may be);

(e)Let any part (not the whole) of the premises for any period from time to time permitted by law and pay the income arising from such letting to the local church as an addition to its general funds.