1Short title

This Act may be cited as the University College London Act 1999.


In this Act, unless the subject or context otherwise requires—

3Dissolution of Institute

(1)On the appointed day the company incorporating the Institute shall be dissolved.

(2)The College shall notify the registrar of the effect of subsection (1) above and of section 10 below within 14 days of the appointed day; and the registrar shall record the dissolution of the company in question.

(3)In subsection (2) above, “the registrar” has the meaning given in section 744 of the [1985 c. 6.] Companies Act 1985.

4Transfer of property, etc

All property, real and personal, of every description (including things in action) and all rights and privileges of the Institute which immediately before the appointed day belonged to or were vested in or exercisable by the Institute shall on the appointed day, without any conveyance, transfer, assignment or other instrument, be transferred to and vested in, or be exercisable by, the College for all the estate and interest therein of the Institute.

5Transfer of obligations, etc

All debts and obligations of the Institute shall on the appointed day be transferred and attached to the College and shall thereafter be discharged and satisfied by the College.

6Savings for agreements, deeds, actions, etc

All agreements, appointments, awards, contracts, deeds and other instruments, and all actions and proceedings and causes of action, which immediately before the appointed day were existing or pending in favour of, or against, the Institute shall on and from the appointed day continue and may be carried into effect, enforced and prosecuted by, or in favour of, or against, the College to the same extent and in like manner as if the College instead of the Institute had been party to, or interested in, the same respectively.

7Construction of bequests, etc

Any scheme, will, deed or other instrument, whether made or executed before, on or after the appointed day, which contains any bequest, gift or trust or other benefit in favour of or connected with the Institute shall, on and after the appointed day, be read and have effect as if the College were named therein instead of the Institute.

Provided that the College shall administer that bequest, gift, trust or other benefit as nearly as may be for the purposes intended in the original scheme, will, deed or other instrument conferring such benefit and pursuant to the purposes of the Institute as those purposes were defined before the Institute’s dissolution.

8Transfer of powers to appoint or nominate

Any power or right of the Institute or of any officer or employee of the Institute to appoint or nominate a member of any education authority or of the governing body of any educational, charitable or other institution, shall on the appointed day be transferred to, and may be exercised by, the College or by the officer or employee of the College who in the opinion of the Council of the College most nearly performs the functions formerly performed by the former officer or employee in question.

9Exemption under Dentists Act 1984

(1)If the College within the period of three years beginning with the appointed day forms a wholly-owned subsidiary for carrying on the business of dentistry and no other business except for a business ancillary to the business of dentistry, for the purposes of section 43(2)(b) of the [1984 c. 24.] Dentists Act 1984—

(a)the Institute shall be deemed to have been reconstructed on the appointed day; and

(b)the company shall be deemed to be a body corporate coming into existence on the reconstruction of the Institute;

and, accordingly, the company shall be deemed to fall within section 43(1) of the said Act of 1984 provided that it complies with subsection (1)(c) and (d) of that section.

(2)In this section “wholly-owned subsidiary” has the meaning given by section 736 of the [1985 c. 6.] Companies Act 1985.

10Restriction on use of name of Institute

For so long as there shall be—

(a)an institute known as the “Eastman Dental Institute” within the College; or

(b)a company formed in pursuance of section 9 above having in its name the words “Eastman Dental”;

and for a period of 25 years thereafter, no person other than the College shall, without its consent, use the name “Eastman Dental Institute”.