The following are not street trading for the purposes of this Act—

(a)trading only as a newsvendor provided that no undue interference or inconvenience or safety hazard is caused to people using the street and that the only articles sold, exposed or offered for sale are current newspapers or periodicals and that such articles are being sold, offered or exposed for sale—

(i)without a receptacle; or

(ii)from a single receptacle which does not—

(A)exceed 1 metre in length or width or 2 metres in height; or

(B)occupy a ground area exceeding 0.25 square metres; or

(C)stand on the carriageway of the street.

(b)the selling of articles or things to occupiers of premises adjoining any street, or the offering or exposing of them for sale by a delivery person from a vehicle which is used only for the regular delivery of milk or other perishable goods to those persons.

(c)the selling, exposure or offer for sale of articles or the provision of services on private land adjacent to a shop provided that the selling, exposure or offer for sale of the articles or the provision of the services—

(i)forms part of the business of the owner of the shop or person assessed for uniform business rate of the shop; and

(ii)takes place during the period during which the shop is open to the public for business.

(d)the doing of anything authorised by regulations made under section 5 of the [1916 c. 31.] Police, Factories, &c. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916 or by permit or order made under Part III of the [1992 c. 41.] Charities Act 1992.

(e)trading by a person acting as a pedlar under the authority of a pedlar’s certificate under the [1871 c. 96.] Pedlars Act 1871, if the trading is carried out only by means of visits from house to house.