SCHEDULEModification of Part I of Act of 1965 in Relation to Purchase of New Rights

1In the Act of 1965 (hereinafter in this Schedule referred to as “the Act”) for section 7 (which relates to compensation) there shall be substituted the following:—

7(1)In assessing the compensation to be paid by the Authorities under this Act regard shall be had not only to the extent, if any, to which the value of the land over which the right is purchased is depreciated by the purchase but also to the damage, if any, to be sustained by the owner of the land by reason of injurious affection of other land of the owner by the exercise of the right.

(2)The modifications subject to which subsection (1) of section 44 of the [1973 c. 26.] Land Compensation Act 1973 is to have effect, as applied by subsection (2) of that section to compensation for injurious affection under this section, are that for the words “land is acquired or taken” there shall be substituted the words “a right over land is purchased” and for the words “acquired or taken from him” there shall be substituted the words “over which the right is exercisable”.