Part IIWorks, etc.

6Stopping up, etc., of streets and footways.

(1)The Company may—

(a)narrow on both sides thereof Parliament Street to the extent shown on the deposited plans;

(b)stop up and discontinue the footways of Victoria Embankment to the extent shown on the deposited plans; and

(c)stop up and discontinue so much of Canon Row as lies between points B and C.

(2)After the narrowing, stopping up and discontinuance under subsection (1) above all rights of way over or along the portions of the streets or footways authorised to be narrowed or stopped up shall be extinguished and the Company may, subject to the provisions of the Act of 1845 with respect to mines and minerals lying under or near the railway, appropriate without making any payment therefor, and use for the purposes of their undertaking, the sites of the streets and footways so narrowed or stopped up.