Part IPreliminary


(1)In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, words and expressions to which meanings are assigned by the enactments incorporated herewith have in relation to the related subject-matter the same respective meanings; and—

(2)All directions, distances and lengths stated in any description of works, powers or lands shall be construed as if the words “or thereabouts” were inserted after each such direction, distance and length and distances between points on a railway shall be taken to be measured along the railway.

(3)Any reference in this Act to a work identified by the number of such work shall be construed as a reference to the work of that number authorised by this Act.

(4)References in this Act to points identified by letters shall be construed as references to the points so lettered on the deposited plans.

(5)References in this Act to access to any place shall include reference to egress from that place.

(6)References in this Act to the purchase by the Board of new rights are references to the purchase of rights to be created in favour of the Board.