Part IIWorks, etc.

Provisions relating to Works Nos. 11A and 11B

10Level crossing of railway by Work No. 11B

(1)In this section“the new level crossing” means the crossing on the level of the Carnforth and Whitehaven Railway by Work No. 11B.

(2)The Board may, subject to such requirements as the Secretary of State may from time to time lay down, provide, maintain and operate at or near the new level crossing such lights, traffic signs and automatic or other devices or appliances as may be approved by the Secretary of State.

11Ancillary works at Foxfield

The Board may, within the limits of deviation of Works Nos. 11A and 11B, or either of them, make junctions with and alter the line or level of any road or way by, or contiguous to, those works, or either of them, and execute any works including works for the protection of any adjoining land or building.

12Stopping up, etc., of existing ways at Foxfield

(1)In this section—

(2)(a)Subject to paragraph (b) below, the Board may stop up and discontinue—

(i)the U.5085 road at Skelly Crag crossing between points C and D; and

(ii)the track at Angerton No. 3 crossing between points E and F.

(b)The stopping up of the U.5085 road and the track under paragraph (a) above shall not take place until the Board have completed and opened for public use Works Nos. 11A and 11B and the footpath.

(c)Upon the stopping up of the U.5085 road between points C and D, the specified enactments shall cease to apply to Skelly Crag crossing.

(3)Any person who suffers loss by the extinguishment under this section of any private rights of way over Angerton No. 3 crossing shall be entitled to be paid by the Board compensation, to be determined in case of dispute by the tribunal.