SCHEDULEEnactments repealed

Part IIOther enactments

Chapter or S.I. No.Short titleExtent of repeal
39 & 40 Vict. c. lxxiv.Great Western and Bristol and Exeter Railway Companies Amalgamation Act 1876.Section 10.
47 & 48 Vict. c. cclv.Bristol Dock Act 1884.In section 32, the words from the beginning to “1871 and”; the words “and 14”; the words “subsections and”; and the words “and the Portishead undertaking”.
In section 33, the words from “of the Portishead Company under” to “the Portishead Docks and”, in the second place where they occur; the words “and of the Portishead Warehouse Company”; the words from “Sections 26” to “be repealed”; the words “or with the Portishead Acts”; and the words “or of the Portishead Acts”.
In section 34, the words “and the Portishead Docks respectively” in both places where they occur.
Section 35.
In section 37, the words “pier and”; and the words “and the Portishead Docks”.
In section 38, the words “or the Portishead Docks”.
Section 39.
In section 51, the words “pier and”.
In the Fourth Schedule, Part III.
6 Edw. 7 c. cc.Bristol Corporation Act 1906.Section 14.
14 & 15 Geo. 6 c. xxxii.Bristol Corporation Act 1951.Section 32.
5 & 6 Eliz. 2 c. xxxiii.British Transport Commission Act 1957.Section 23.
S.I. 1972/1931Bristol Port and Harbour Revision Order 1972.In Schedule 1, in Part II, the words “the Portishead Docks of the Corporation and”.