Part IPreliminary

2Incorporation of Acts

(1)Section 16 of the [1845 c. 20.] Railways Clauses Consolidation Act 1845, and the provisions of that Act with respect to the temporary occupation of lands near the railway during the construction thereof are hereby incorporated with this Act and, as so incorporated, shall have effect as if—

(a)for the words “the period by the special Act limited for the completion of the railway” there were substituted the words “the period of eight years from the commencement of the construction of any of the works authorised by the special Act”;

(b)the expression“the company” meant National Power and PowerGen or either of them; and

(c)the expression“the railway” meant the National Power works or the PowerGen works, as the case may be, and“the centre of the railway” meant the centre of any such works respectively.

(2)(a)Part I of the Act of 1965 (except sections 4 and 27 and paragraph 3 (3) of Schedule 3 thereto), in so far as it is applicable for the purposes of this Act and is not inconsistent with the provisions thereof, shall apply to the compulsory acquisition of land under this Act as it applies to a compulsory purchase to which Part II of the [1981 c. 67.] Acquisition of Land Act 1981 applies and as if this Act were a compulsory purchase order under the said Act of 1981.

(b)In subsection (1) of section 11 of the Act of 1965, as so applied, for the words “fourteen days” there shall be substituted the words “three months'”.

(c)The [1845 c. 18.] Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845, shall not apply to the acquisition of land under this Act.