Part VGoods

76Power to give directions as to loading or unloading of certain goods

(1)The Authority may, by resolution, designate any dock, wharf or other works, or any portion thereof, for the loading and unloading of any goods to which this section applies.

(2)Where pursuant to subsection (1) of this section the Authority have designated a place for the loading or unloading of goods of any description the harbour master may direct that goods of that description intended to be loaded on board, or unloaded from, a vessel shall not be deposited or received elsewhere than at the place so designated and in the event of any person disobeying any such direction the Authority may remove the goods to the place so designated, and any expense incurred by them in so doing may be recovered by them from that person as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction.

(3)The goods to which this section applies are goods in bulk and goods the nature or character of which is such as, in the opinion of the Authority, to give rise to special risk of contamination, taint, stain, injury or danger to other goods or to persons, or to necessitate the provision of special facilities for the handling thereof or for the safety, protection, welfare or accommodation of persons employed in or in connection with such handling.