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Review of chargeable amount

113.—(1) An interested person may request a review of the calculation of a chargeable amount.

(2) A request for review must be made—

(a)in writing to the collecting authority; and

(b)before the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the day on which the liability notice stating the chargeable amount subject to the request for review was issued.

(3) A request for review may be accompanied by written representations in connection with the review.

(4) If a request is made in accordance with paragraph (2), the collecting authority must review the calculation.

(5) The review must be carried out by a person senior to the person making the original calculation and who had no involvement in the original calculation.

(6) The collecting authority must consider any representations accompanying the request for review.

(7) Within 14 days of the review start date the collecting authority must notify the person requesting the review in writing of—

(a)the decision of the review; and

(b)the reasons for the decision.

(8) In making a decision the collecting authority may either confirm the original chargeable amount or calculate a revised chargeable amount.

(9) A person may not request a review

(a)of the decision reached on an earlier review; or

(b)once the relevant development has been commenced.

(10) A review under this regulation will lapse if the relevant development is commenced before the collecting authority has notified the interested person of the decision of the review.

(11) A person may not request a review under this regulation if a claim for relief has been submitted to the charging authority and the claim has not been withdrawn.