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Channel Islands (Church Legislation) Measure 1931

1931 No. 4 21 and 22 Geo 5

A measure passed by the National Assembly of the Church of England. To make further provision for the application to the Channel Islands of Measures passed by the Church Assembly.

[8th July 1931]

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Power to modify Act conferred by Synodical Government Measure (1969) No. 2, s. 9(5)

1 Interpretation.U.K.

In this Measure—

Textual Amendments

F1Words substituted by virtue of S.I 1970/1117

Marginal Citations

2 Application of future Measures.U.K.

Any Measure receiving the Royal Assent after the passing of this Measure, which contains an express provision that it may be applied to the Islands, or either of them, in accordance with this Measure, may, . . . F2, be so applied in accordance with the procedure set out in the Schedule hereto.

3 Application of past Measures.U.K.

Any Measure which has received the Royal Assent before the passing of this Measure may . . . F3, be applied in like manner.

4 Variation of Measures applied.U.K.

Any Measure so applied shall, as from the date of the Order in Council referred to in the Schedule hereto, be deemed to include, with regard to each Island to which it is so applied, the variations (if any) contained in the scheme relating thereto.

5 Saving for other methods of procedure.U.K.

Nothing in this Measure shall affect—

(a)any procedure for applying Measures to the Islands, or either of them, other than the procedure hereby authorised; or

(b)the direct application to the Islands, or either of them, of Measures or parts of Measures dealing exclusively with the formularies of the Church of England or the spiritual rights or privileges of its members.

6 Short title.U.K.

This Measure may be cited as the Channel Islands (Church Legislation) Measure 1931.


Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2Sch: Functions of the Secretary of State transferred to the Lord Chancellor (26.11.2001) by S.I. 2001/3500, arts. 3, 4, Sch. 1 para. 3(a)

1U.K.If and whenever the Bishop comes to the conclusion that a Measure ought to be applied either wholly or partly and either with or without variations to the Islands or either of them, he may prepare a draft scheme for the purpose.

2U.K.In coming to such conclusion and in preparing the draft scheme the Bishop shall proceed in consultation with the [F4Deanery Synod] of the Island concerned, or, if the scheme relates to both the Islands, with the [F4Deanery Synods] of both.

Textual Amendments

F4Words substituted by virtue of S.I 1970/1117

3U.K.The Bishop shall before the draft scheme is finally settled send particulars of what is proposed to be effected thereby to the [F5Lord Chancellor] in order that they may be communicated to the States of the Island concerned, or of the Islands, as the case may be, for the ascertainment of their views thereon.

Textual Amendments

F5Words in Sch. para. 3 substituted (26.11.2001) by S.I. 2001/3500, art. 8, Sch. 2 Pt. II para. 10(a)

4U.K.The scheme when finally settled shall be presented by the Bishop to the [F6General Synod], who may, by resolution, approve or reject it, but shall not have power to amend it. No such resolution shall be passed by the [F6General Synod] unless the scheme to which it refers has been in the hands of its members for at least [F7fifteen days].

5U.K.If the scheme is approved by the [F8General Synod], it shall be forwarded forthwith to the [F9Lord Chancellor] for submission to His Majesty in Council, and His Majesty in Council may thereupon make an Order confirming the scheme and directing that the Measure shall apply to the Island concerned, or to the Islands, as the case may be, in accordance with the scheme.

Textual Amendments

F9Words in Sch. para. 5 substituted (26.11.2001) by S.I. 2001/3500, art. 8, Sch. 2 Pt. II para. 10(b)