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9 Powers of bishop. E

(1)The bishop may subject to the provisions of this Measure and the Constitution make rules for carrying this Measure into effect within the diocese.

(2)If any act required by this Measure to be done by any person is not done within such time as the bishop may consider reasonable it may be done by or under the authority of the bishop.

(3)In the event of a council and a minister being unable to agree as to any matter in which their agreement or joint action is required under the provisions of this Measure, such matter shall be dealt with or determined in such manner as the bishop may direct.

(4)During a vacancy in a diocesan see the powers conferred upon the bishop by this section may be exercised by the guardian of the spiritualities.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1S. 9 excluded by Cathedrals Measure 1963 (No. 2) s. 12(4)(b)