PART 4General financial provisions



(1)The Board must from time to time appoint an auditor to audit—

(a)the accounts of each fund it administers;

(b)the accounts of each trust it administers;

(c)the accounts of the money it receives from the Church Commissioners.

(2)An auditor appointed under subsection (1)—

(a)must audit the accounts in question annually, and

(b)must report to the General Synod on the audited accounts.

(3)The Board must each year present a report to the General Synod on the funds, trusts and other money referred to in subsection (1).

51Diocesan widows and dependants committee

(1)In each diocese, there is to continue to be a diocesan widows and dependants committee appointed by the diocesan board of finance.

(2)The committee may continue to include representatives of charities whose beneficiaries include surviving spouses and civil partners and children and dependants of deceased clerks, deaconesses or licensed lay workers.

(3)The function of the committee is to watch over the interests of any surviving spouse or civil partner or of any child or dependant of a deceased clerk, deaconess or licensed lay worker of the diocese.

(4)The diocesan board of finance must continue to appoint one or more officers whose functions are—

(a)to bring before the diocesan widows and dependants committee information about the circumstances of the surviving spouses, civil partners and children and dependants concerned,

(b)to make representations on their behalf to the committee, and

(c)to inform them of their rights under or by virtue of this Measure and of any action taken or proposed to be taken by the committee on their behalf.

52Miscellaneous administrative payments by Church Commissioners

The Church Commissioners may make payments to the Board out of their general fund to meet as much of the Board’s administrative expenses as appears to the Board to be proportionate to the work it undertakes in the administration of other matters in which the Commissioners have a financial interest.