PART 4Miscellaneous and general

Final provision


(1)This section and sections 54 and 55 come into force on the day on which this Measure is passed.

(2)The preceding provisions of this Measure come into force on such day as the Archbishops of Canterbury and York may by order jointly appoint; and different days may be appointed for different purposes.

(3)The Archbishops of Canterbury and York may by order jointly make transitional, transitory or saving provision in connection with the commencement of a provision of this Measure.

(4)The power to make an order under subsection (2) or (3) is exercisable by statutory instrument; and the Statutory Instruments Act 1946 applies as if the order had been made by a Minister of the Crown and as if this Measure were an Act of Parliament.


(1)This Measure extends to—

(a)the whole of the province of Canterbury, but with extent to the Channel Islands subject to subsection (2), and

(b)the whole of the province of York except the Isle of Man.

(2)The provisions of this Measure may be applied to the Channel Islands, or either of them, in accordance with the Channel Islands (Church Legislation) Measures 1931 and 1957; and a reference in this section to the Channel Islands or either of them has the same meaning as a reference in those Measures to the Islands or either of them.

55Short title

This Measure may be cited as the Church Property Measure 2018.