10Bishop’s mission order

(1)In section 81 of the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 (the Visitor), in subsection (1) (functions)—

(a)omit “, on behalf of the bishop or bishops”,

(b)in paragraph (a), at the beginning insert “on behalf of the bishop or bishops”, and

(c)omit paragraphs (b) and (d) to (f).

(2)After that subsection insert—

(1A)The Visitor may take such other steps as the Visitor thinks fit for ensuring the proper governance of the mission initiative.

(3)Omit subsection (3) of that section.

(4)In section 82 of that Measure (supplementary provisions), in subsection (7) (duration of order)—

(a)after “shall specify its duration” insert “(which may be defined or indefinite)”, and

(b)omit the words from “, but” to the end.

(5)After subsection (8) of that section—

(8A)The bishop or bishops shall send a copy of each of the following to the Commissioners—

(a)any bishop’s mission order;

(b)any order varying or revoking a bishop’s mission order;

(c)any supplementary instrument;

(d)any instrument varying or revoking a supplementary instrument.

(6)In section 83 of that Measure (review of duration of mission initiatives), in subsection (1), for the words from the beginning to “under section 82(7),” substitute “In the case of a bishop’s mission order of defined duration, the Visitor shall conduct a review of the mission initiative not less than six months before the expiry of the order,”.

(7)In subsection (2) of that section (Visitor’s recommendations), for “the period (not exceeding five years) of the renewal” substitute “the duration of the renewal (which may be defined or indefinite)”.

(8)In subsection (5) of that section (duration of further order etc.), for the words from “and the order shall continue” to the end substitute “(which may be defined or indefinite) and the order shall continue in force accordingly.”

(9)In subsection (6) of that section (duty to report on further orders)—

(a)after “a further order under subsection (4)” insert “that is of defined duration,”, and

(b)omit “and section 81(1)(b) shall not apply”.

(10)In subsection (8) of that section (orders containing provision for participation in local ecumenical project), after “Where a bishop’s mission order” insert “of defined duration”.

(11)In subsection (11) of that section (orders and supplementary instruments: procedural requirements etc.), for “and (6)” substitute “, (6) and (8A)”.