SCHEDULE 2Minor and consequential amendments

National Institutions Measure 1998

13(1)The National Institutions Measure 1998 (No. 1) is amended as follows.

(2)The power of the Archbishops’ Council, under section 2(3), to apply or distribute sums made available by the Church Commissioners under section 2(1), is to be construed (and is deemed always to have had effect) as enabling the Council in its discretion to apply or distribute those sums to such body in a diocese as the Council thinks fit for allocation to parishes in that diocese in such manner as the body thinks appropriate, subject to the requirements of section 2(3).

(3)In section 10(a), the words from “at least one third” to the end of the paragraph are omitted.

(4)In Part II of Schedule 1, there is added at the end the following paragraph—

17(1)The Council and its committees may authorise such officers as the Council may specify to carry out on its or their behalf such functions as may be specified.

(2)The Council or any of its committees may, if it considers that any business can properly be conducted by correspondence, instruct the Secretary General or the secretary of the committee to circulate to the Council or the committee in writing or by electronic transmission proposals requiring the approval of its members.

(3)Unless objections to the proposal are received from members of the Council or the committee in such numbers and within such period from the date of their posting or transmission (as the case may be), as the Council or the committee may specify, the proposals shall be deemed, at the expiry of that period, to be approved by the Council or the committee with the same effect as if they had been approved at a duly convened meeting..