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2Penalty by consentE

(1)Section 16 of the Measure is amended as follows.

(2)After subsection (3) there is inserted the following subsection—

(3A)At any time after the bishop has directed, under section 12(1)(e) above, that the complaint be formally investigated in accordance with section 17 below or after the president of tribunals has referred the complaint to a disciplinary tribunal, the bishop and the respondent may, if the respondent admits the misconduct which is the subject of the complaint, agree to the imposition of a penalty under this section and the bishop shall, subject to subsection (2) above, proceed accordingly and thereafter no further step shall be taken in regard thereto..

Commencement Information

I1S. 2 in force at 1.2.2014 by S.I. 2014/1, art. 2