SCHEDULE 6Disposal of Human Remains

2Any notice required to be published and served under paragraph 1 shall contain—

(a)the address at which particulars of the deceased persons and of any tombstones, monuments or other memorials commemorating them may be inspected;

(b)the name of the burial ground or crematorium where it is proposed to reinter or cremate such remains and the manner in which it is proposed to dispose of such tombstones, monuments or other memorials;

(c)a statement as to the right of the personal representatives or relatives of any deceased person or, in relation to any commonwealth war burial, the Commission on notice in writing given within a specified time themselves to undertake the removal and reinterment or cremation of the remains of the deceased, and the disposal of any tombstones, monument or other memorial commemorating the deceased within two months from the date of the notice;

(d)a statement of any directions given by the Secretary of State with respect to the removal and reinterment or cremation of human remains, and of any requirements imposed by the bishop with respect to the manner of removal, the place and manner of reinterment or cremation, and the disposal of tombstones, monuments and other memorials;

(e)a statement as to the extent to which the landowner is required by this Schedule to defray the expenses of such removal and reinterment or cremation or disposal.