Section 4(3)

SCHEDULE 2Fabric Advisory Committees


1The fabric advisory committee shall consist of—

(a)not less than 3 nor more than 5 members appointed by the Chapter after consultation with the Commission not being members of the Chapter or persons who are employed or hold paid office in the cathedral; and

(b)not less than 3 nor more than 5 members appointed by the Commission after consultation with the Chapter, being persons having special knowledge with respect to the care and maintenance of buildings of outstanding architectural or historic interest and a particular interest in the cathedral church concerned.

The number of members to be appointed by the Chapter and by the Commission shall be the same in each case and shall be determined, on each occasion when the committee is appointed, by the Chapter after consultation with the Commission.

2The committee shall appoint a person who shall be known as “the Chair” from among its members.

3The dean of the cathedral, the administrator of the cathedral and such other members of the Chapter as the Chapter, after consulting the fabric advisory committee, considers appropriate, shall be entitled to attend, and to speak at meetings of the committee or such meetings of the committee as may be specified by the Chapter, but no such person shall be entitled to vote.

4It shall be the duty of the cathedral architect or surveyor of the fabric and the person (if any) holding office as cathedral archaeologist to attend meetings of the committee unless the Chair permits or directs otherwise.

5No person who holds any paid office in the Commission shall be eligible for appointment as a member of the committee.

6The members of the committee shall hold office for a period of 5 years but shall be eligible for reappointment.

7The committee shall appoint a person, whether or not a member of the committee, to be secretary of the committee, provided that, in the case of a member of the Chapter or a person who is employed or holds paid office in the cathedral, the committee shall have particular regard to the question whether there is any conflict of interests which would make it inappropriate to appoint that person as the secretary.

8Any expenses properly incurred by a member of the committee for the purposes of this Measure shall be reimbursed by the Chapter of the cathedral.

Casual vacancies

9Where a casual vacancy occurs among the members of the committee, the body which appointed the person whose place is to be filled may after carrying out the like consultation as was required when the appointment was made appoint a person to fill the vacancy, and any person so appointed shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of office of the person in whose place he or she is appointed.


10The quorum of the committee shall be—

(a)6 members, if the membership of the committee is 10;

(b)5 members, if the membership of the committee is 8;

(c)4 members, if the membership of the committee is 6.

11Subject to paragraph 10, the committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its membership.

12The business of the committee shall be decided by a majority of the members present and voting thereon and, in the event of an equal division of votes, the Chair shall have a second or casting vote.

13The committee shall hold not less than 2 meetings each year, and if 3 or more members, by notice sent to the secretary of the committee, request that a special meeting be held, such a meeting shall be held within 4 weeks of the sending of that notice.

14The secretary of the committee shall place on the agenda for the next meeting any matter requested by any member of the committee.

15The secretary of the committee shall before each meeting send to the Chapter and to the Commission a copy of the agenda for the meeting and shall after each meeting send to the Chapter and to the Commission a copy of the minutes of that meeting.

16Subject to the preceding provisions of this Schedule, the committee shall have power to regulate its own procedure.