SCHEDULE 5Amendment of Pastoral Measure 1983

3Any joint pastoral committee established or to be established under section 13 of the 1983 Measure shall be re-named the joint boundary committee and any reference to that committee shall have effect accordingly and that section shall be amended as follows—

(a)for subsection (4) there shall be substituted the following subsections—

(4)The instrument which provides for the establishment of a joint boundary committee may also make such provision as the bishops of the dioceses concerned think fit for the procedure of the committee and any such provision as is referred to in subsection (4A) and, when deciding whether to make any such provision, and, if so, what provision, the bishops shall have regard to the provisions of Schedule 3 to the Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007.

(4A)The provision referred to in subsection (4) is provision for paying the expenses of the joint boundary committee out of the diocesan pastoral accounts of the dioceses concerned.; and

(b)for subsection (5)(b) there shall be substituted the following paragraph—

(b)no action may be taken to prepare or implement such proposals by way of a draft order or orders..